I have a confession to make…

I am writing a song of confession/repentance, because we don’t have enough of those. Here are the (draft) words. Any comments? Any theological errors?

Have mercy on me, Saviour God,
According to your love so sure.
I pray forgive me
And set my heart free
From sin’s enslaving lure.

Because the Saviour died for me,
I live, by grace set free!
He bore your wrath, and took my shame,
Now I glory in his name!

Appalling evil have I done:
I scorned your beauty and renown,
And found false joy in
Vain pleasures of sin;
I took for self your crown.

Because the Saviour died for me …

I knew our God but prized him not;
Although I claimed to be so wise,
My heart was darkened,
My body cheapened,
I exchanged the truth for lies.

Because the Saviour died for me …

But now I have the deepest joy
Of knowing Jesus as my All.
The Holy Spirit,
Your love’s supreme gift,
Commands my ransomed soul.

Because the Saviour died for me …

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